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StockArtRep.com specializes in existing images that professional illustrators still retain the right to. As you search our site for various imagery, you'll find information about each piece of art and the costs of each for a multitude of uses and variables.

Once you have found that "just right image" you can check the availability and costs online. You can even use our TrustCart eCommerce feature to Buy online. By using our shopping cart you can calculate the final price and rights in a few easy steps. The moment that you "Checkout", we start the verification process and create a CD which includes your image(s) as TIFF files that will range from 1 Meg to 15 Meg's.

We've put together this site to make choosing professional stock art simple and easy, while providing marketing solutions for talented professionals. If while browsing our site, you didn't see that "just right" style, chances are, with our extensive database, we can connect you up to the right person.

If you are interested in securing any of our online images or would like more information, please email Martin Fryer at: martin@stockartrep.com. Talent interested in submitting images, go to submit images.

CORPORATE INFORMATION: Berendsen has been successfully representing some of the finest illustrators, photographers and designers for nearly fifteen years. During that time Berendsen & Associates has serviced such accounts as Disney, Rolling Stone Magazine and Procter & Gamble, just to name a few. Business is evenly split between Advertising Agencies, Corporations, Graphic Design Studios and Publishing Firms.

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