Business Practices and Disclosures

    1. What is your policy regarding customer privacy?

    We never provide any other parties with access to your email address, postal address, or any other information that we may collect from you.

    2.Do you use cookies, and do you store any information on my machine? uses broswer-side cookies only temporarily to facilitate order handling but stores no information on your machine.

    3.What is the average time from the placement of my order to the delivery of an order?

    All orders are generally processed within 2 business days.

    4.What are your payment terms for orders?

    Payment in full by VISA, MasterCard or American Express unless otherwise permitted by an authorized sales rep.

    5.Are there any charges related to ordering electronically?

    No. No additional fees are charged when placing an order electronically.

    6.If I have a question or complaint, where can I mail it?
    c/o Berendsen & Associates, Inc.
    2233 Kemper Lane
    Cincinnati, OH 45206

    7.Is there a phone number where I can reach an employee?

    For customer service and other information contact us at (513) 861-1400, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST. Any calls placed outside those hours will be transferred to our voice mail system and will be returned the next business day. Calls during this period reaching a busy signal will be routed to a voice mail system checked multiple times daily. We also are available 7 days a week via e-mail at, and try to return email within the next business day.

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