If you are like most artists and photographers, you likely have numerous images just lying around with marketable rights available. At StockArtRep.com, we have created an online catalog where talented individuals sell their images.

We are NOT a Stock Image House. We act as a Representative for all of our freelance personnel, just as we have traditionally for over fifteen years.

So, If you're really interested in making some extra money for all of those dusty old images in the bottom of your portfolio or wanting to create a collection of new work in your spare time, pay close attention.

Currently we're taking on new talent to complement our continuously expanding database of images. You can begin by submitting jpeg images that are available for review to Martin Fryer at submissions@StockArtRep.com.

To keep things simple, your attached images should be 72 dpi, 360 pixels tall in RGB. Please provide a thumbnail version cropped into a square at 116 x 116 pixels. A higher resolution file (10 to 15 meg),will be needed to eventually fulfill potential orders. We prefer Mac based files but can often open PC files.

Best of all, there is no costs to artists or photographers to be on StockArtRep.com. Since we act as an agent / rep for stock art on our site, we receive a commission for each sale.

We handle the marketing and promotions for the site and are already linked to our other successful talent driven sites. To start submitting visuals, attach image to an email with your name, address, and phone number.

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